You’ve worked hard all week and you deserve to treat yourself!

At Sexy Maids by Daven, we have taken one to the worst chores around the house and maid it delightful. By combining our domestic services with a little bit of All-American exposure, we provide a cleaning experience that you won't soon forget.


You will find that we have something here for everyone, from very mild to wet and wild. And if any of you think that one maid won't provide enough cleaning service or visual stimulation for you, think about hiring two or more at the same time.

In all cases a one hour minimum will apply. In some locations there may be a travel charge if we don't have a maid living close enough to you.


Sexy Maids by Daven Services


Daisy Dukes - $65 hr - Quite a distraction in the cutest little shorts and a tank top.

French Maid - $80 hr - Now you don't have to go anywhere to enjoy the sights.

Topless - $100 hr - If we maid the laws, women would stay this way. (Okay, not your mother in law or your granny.)

Naked and clean - $150 hr - Naked as the day they were born, but a lot better looking. If you like they will wear an apron or a bow.

Other services - Call or email for quote. (ie. bachelor parties, etc.) 

There is a 1hr minimum on all services.

If you don't see just what you need listed above, give us a call and we will do our best to help you.

We also provide maid, hosting, waitress and bartending services for parties and meetings. Usually parties require at least two maids with a minimum of three hours each. In some cases parties may require an escort as well. Tell us your plans and we will work with you.

To make an appointment -


At least 24 hours notice is greatly appreciated and will allow us a better chance to book the maid of your choice at a convenient time for you, but we will do our best to provide you with the maid of your choice with a 2 hour notice.

For an appointment call us at (479) 202-0095 (Phone hours 9am to 9pm.)
For additional information you can email us at



Please have to following info ready when requesting an appointment:
1. Name of the maid you are requesting
2. Type of service wanted
3. length of time needed
4. Contact Number
5. Address
6. Your payment method

Terms & Conditions


  • Customers must be over 18
  • Customer must present a valid picture ID upon arrival
  • No more than two customers on premise unless Sexy Maids by Daven is contacted beforehand and prior arrangements are made
  • Customer must not be under the influence of any drugs or visibly intoxicated
  • Photography or any hidden recording devices are not permitted
  • No physical contact is permitted. No sexual advances and absolutely no vulgar/suggestive language
  • Ladies are to be treated with respect – nothing less
  • Our ladies are not responsible for any things/items that are broken or damaged
  • Customer is to secure any valuables (money, jewelry, ipods, etc) before ladies arrive
  • There will be no refunds for canceled appointments unless 2 hours notice is given
  • Customer must supply all cleaning supplies or we will provide for a $20 fee
  • All pets must be secured in separate area of the house while our ladies are present. No service will be provided when a dangerous breed is on premise

If at any time these Terms & Conditions are violated the Lady will immediately leave and no refund will be given.